Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Welcome to Our Blog!

We are the Research in Mathematics Education (RME) unit at Southern Methodist University, located in Dallas, Texas.  Our goal as a research and outreach unit is to provide evidence-based support to improve students’ mathematics achievement in North Texas and across the country. 

Courtesy of Southern Methodist University.
We have launched this blog with the hope of cultivating a forum for discussing the critical issues that face educators and offering tools in the form of research, peer review and discussion, and professional outreach opportunities. You will hear from a variety of the faculty members, as well as research associates and master practitioners, all who have a deeply vested interest and broad experiences in mathematics education.

As a practitioner reading this blog, awareness of current national and international mathematics education issues will be discussed. We intend to provide practical applications in the classroom. You will be able to connect with other researchers and educators to share insights, offer tips, and ask questions. We invite you to visit, read, and comment often.

All comments and questions related to curriculum or assessment are appreciated and encouraged! We want to hear your feedback whether you agree or disagree; we just ask that you respect all opinions. You are also welcome to leave comments or give suggestions below. You can also follow us on Twitter for the latest RME news and updates about what is happening around in the world of mathematics education.

**RME does not endorse or advertise any published products.

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