Thursday, June 20, 2013

Conferences to Attend This Summer!

By Toni Buttner, RME Assistant Director

Come Unlock the Mathematical Mind with CAMT next month! 
San Antonio, TX 
CAMT is an annual Texas conference for K-12 mathematics teachers. The conference is sponsored jointly by the Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Texas Association of Supervisors of Mathematics, and the Texas Section of the Mathematical Association of America. The three-day conference is conducted each summer, on a rotation basis, in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

Great speaker line up including Rachel Cruze, daughter of Dave Ramsey, financial guru, and Dan Meyer, dynamic speaker one of Tech & Learning’s 30 Leaders of the Future.

 Come be inspired and equipped to teach math in a whole new way!

Interdisciplinary Synthesis in Advancing Education Science 
Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness - September 26-28, Washington, D.C.

SREE endeavors to advance and disseminate research on the causal effects of education practices and interventions. The Society recognizes and supports research in neuroscience, cognition, learning, and socio-behavioral or meta-cognitive influences, broadly and within specific domains such as mathematics and science.

The theme of the SREE Fall 2013 Conference, Interdisciplinary Synthesis in Advancing Education Science, recognizes the value of incorporating diverse branches of education science, including applying causal methods in challenging field settings to improve opportunities and outcomes for students. The application of cognitive science principles to curriculum design, the implementation of evidence-based standards in mathematics and science programs, and the evolution of education technology from a focus on technical features to an emphasis on how principles of learning may encourage productive uses of technology, provide a few examples of research that would be appropriate for this meeting.

Questions of particular interest include:
  • How may research findings in cognitive science and other fields be applied to the design of education interventions? 
  • How is research evidence being utilized to improve mathematics and science programs along the developmental continuum, including initiatives for at-risk learners? 
  • How may we conceptualize and measure capacities beyond academic achievement that are important to lifelong growth and development? 
  • How may technology be employed most effectively to improve education in diverse settings? 
  • What is the best means to develop expertise in the art and science of completing experiments in school settings?
Teach. Inspire. Hire. 
2013 U.S. News STEM Solutions National Conference 
This week was the National STEM Solutions Conference, right here in Texas. More than 2,000 leaders and visionaries in business, education and government from around the United States convened in Austin, Texas June 17-19th to advance the agenda for national change in STEM education, policy and workforce development.

Last year myself, and several of my colleagues from SMU, attended this summit and found it to be one-of-a-kind. It’s hallmark of having representatives from business, education and government, is what makes this event effective as it has been noted that all of these entities need to form a partnership to truly bring change in STEM education and careers.

What’s in it for you? Not only were there an incredible slate of speakers, but there were also tailored conference tracks for you to plug into the area that is most representative of your profession. If you are a K-12 teachers or a CEO, there is something for everyone here and you are able to network with like-minded colleagues from across the US.

OK, so it's a bit late to attend this year, but there is always next year in Washington, D.C.! Or you if you want to keep abreast of the latest STEM news, join STEMconnector - be the first to get updates on what is happening in STEM across the nation.

What conference are you attending this summer? Recommend a great resource to your colleagues – leave a comment!

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