Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ESTAR and MSTAR Universal Screener Window Extended for Eligible Districts

Research in Mathematics Education partners with the Texas Education Agency and Education Service Center Region 13 on the development of the ESTAR and MSTAR Universal Screeners and soon-to-be launched Diagnostic Assessments. The Universal Screeners are designed to be an efficient method for helping to determine 1) if students are at risk , and 2) the level of support a student may require to be successful in a pre-algebra domain. The end of the fall assessment window is rapidly approaching. Participating schools are encouraged to complete the assessment by October 31. The following message was provided by the state:

"The ESTAR/MSTAR Universal Screener will remain accessible to any district that was in process of uploading students and/or administering the screener before the fall window closed on October 18. All eligible districts are encouraged to complete the testing by Oct. 31. If circumstances prevent your school district from meeting this targeted end-date, then please . Technical assistance will be provided upon request.

Also, please note that growth that is expected between fall and winter will likely be less for those tested at the end of the window. For example, if a student completes the fall screener on October 26 and then begins the winter screener on January 15, the observed growth will likely be less than for a student who completed the fall screener when the window opened on August 26."

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